4 Suggestions on Using Custom Pillow Covers to Set the Mood

4 Suggestions on Using Custom Pillow Covers to Set the Mood

Is the appearance of your living room getting stale or boring over time? Redecorating a living room is frequently thought of as a lengthy undertaking. Before you get mired in decisions like repainting, replacing the carpet, or moving your old couch, it is time to pause. How about thinking about the notion of using a few cushions with trendy cushion covers to add some charm and give your space a new look?
4 Suggestions on Using Custom Pillow Covers to Set the Mood

You must evaluate how you might use these custom pillow covers to spice up your decor. Here are four simple suggestions for using trendy cushions to establish the tone in your space and add glitz. Pick and utilize cushions properly:


Depending on their positioning and placement, cushions may radically change a room. You can arrange cushions of different sizes together or opt for a more consistent appearance by selecting pillows of the same size.

Group cushions in groups or pairs of odd numbers while arranging them. For maximum visual impact, it’s also a good idea to arrange them so that there is some degree of symmetry.


Cushions with vibrant colors can give a vivid flash of color to any space. We advise using an equal number of pillows for a more classic appearance. The simplest method is to place two solid squares of complementary colors in the sofa’s corners. Then choose two smaller pillows with complementary patterns and set them in front of the two larger ones.

Choose an odd number of cushions if you desire a more varied appearance. Choose five or seven distinct cushions for a three-seat couch, each with a unique design pattern and unifying characteristics.


Try experimenting with vivid textures; they can enhance a space’s aesthetic appeal. Use custom pillows with different textures to give visual appeal, especially if you are not daring enough and love monotonous décor schemes. Monotype décor can work well with some metallic cushion colors as it simply adds glitz and richness to your space.
4 Suggestions on Using Custom Pillow Covers to Set the Mood


Before you buy your cushions, we strongly recommend conducting a comprehensive assessment of the place in question. The appropriate selection of cushions has the power to transform a space, and colorful cushions can showcase a vivid flash to any area. However, adding vibrant colors might make a room feel a little overwhelming if it is well-lit and bright. Darker-colored cushions will make a brightly lighted room feel cozier, and if they match the curtains and carpeting, they will visibly shrink the area, giving it a smaller, more personal sense.

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