5 Ways to Use Custom Pillow Covers to Set the Vibe

5 Ways to Use Custom Pillow Covers to Set the Vibe

A pillow or a cushion can be much more than just an object to lay your head on when you sleep or need a place to rest during the day. Cushion covers can effectively set the tone and mood of any room in the house, from adding colors and style to dressing up your bed for added intimacy with your partner.

Proper lighting and room temperature can contribute to setting the mood, but bedding plays an important part in creating the right ambiance. Pillow covers are often overlooked as decorative tools, but with the right combination of colors and patterns, you can make your custom pillow covers work together to create a relaxing setting that will put you both in the mood to enjoy each other’s company. Read on for five suggestions about organizing custom pillow covers to set the right vibe in any room of your home.


Cushions with earthy, neutral colors would work for you if going for an exquisite, classic appearance. Select a color from the current space you want to emphasize, and then alter it with the cushions by making it lighter or darker. One could never go wrong with shades of beige, brown, or cream. These colors bring a touch of refinement and minimalism to your home design.


Cushions made of velvet are comfortable and elegant. Watch these sofa cushions lend elegance and class to your home decor as you toss them onto that plain couch. Our digitally printed velvet pillows will add a touch of luxury to any interior design!


Include colorful, contrasting large cushion covers for the greatest impact. Bright pillows will stand out and create a statement if the rest of your home decor is bland. You may enhance the quality of your current home decor by adding color with these vivid pillows. Block colors compliment both patterned and solid-colored couches quite nicely. The greatest combination for printed cushions is a traditional couch in one color.


Textured pattern cushions can give depth and variety by textures to any interior. Tassel weave, and embroideries all lend a special touch to the overall design and feel of your home decor area. These gorgeous couch pillows also serve to highlight the materials nearby. These handcrafted, exquisite, coverings offer the ideal texture to your decor and are embellished with handmade tassels.


Want to contribute something intriguing and enjoyable while stepping outside of your comfort zone? Consider including some oddity in your cushions. Want to improve a plain space? Create a focal point using that couch? You can finish the task by adding a few eccentric ones.


Throw pillow covers can be fitted to any size pillow, from 18 x 18 down to 14 x 14. In other words, if you have existing pillows, you should be able to find an appropriate cover that will fit them perfectly. They’re helpful if you have pillows that came with your sofa or bedding set that isn’t necessarily of the highest quality but are still perfectly fine to use while they last.

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