7 Care Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Bedding

7 Care Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Bedding

Bedding and cushion covers are crucial in determining your bedroom’s overall look and feel. They provide comfort and add a touch of style to your space. However, with the increasing cost of cotton cushion covers, double bed sheets, and other bed covers online, it’s essential to take good care of them to extend their life.

In this blog, we’ll share seven care mistakes to avoid to keep your expensive bedding and cushion covers looking as good as new.

Definition of Cushion Covers and Their Types

Cushion covers are decorative covers that fit over the cushions to protect them from wear and tear while enhancing the overall look of your home. They have different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Some common types of cushion covers are square cushion covers, round cushion covers, bolster cushion covers, cotton cushion covers, and decorative cushion covers.

Definition of Costly Bedsheets and Their Types

Costly bedsheets are made of high-quality materials like cotton, silk, or linen. They are soft, comfortable, and durable, providing a luxurious sleeping experience. Some common types of costly bedsheets are percale sheets, sateen sheets, linen sheets, and flannel sheets. These bedsheets online India are available in various sizes, including single bed sheets, double bed sheets, queen-size bed sheets, and king-size bed sheets.

7 Care Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Washing With Hot Water – Washing your bed sheet and cushion covers with hot water can damage the fabric, making it lose its softness and luster. Always use cold or lukewarm water to wash them.
  2. Using too much detergent – Using too much detergent can leave a residue on the fabric, making it look dull and lifeless. Use a small detergent and a fabric softener to keep the material soft.
  3. Overdrying in the dryer – Overdrying your bedding and cushion covers can cause them to shrink, lose their shape, and become brittle. Permanently remove them from the dryer when they are slightly damp and finish drying them on a clothesline or drying rack.
  4. Exposing to direct sunlight – Exposing your bedding and cushion covers to direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade and the fabric to weaken. Always dry them in a shaded area.
  5. Ignoring stains – Ignoring stains on your bedding and cushion covers can lead to permanent damage. Always treat stains immediately with a stain remover and wash them as soon as possible.
  6. Using bleach – Using bleach on your bedding and cushion covers can damage the fabric and cause it to be yellow. Instead, use a mild detergent and add a cup of vinegar to the wash to brighten the material.
  7. Not rotating frequently – Not rotating your bedding and cushion covers often can cause them to wear out unevenly. Always turn them in every week to extend their life.


Taking good care of your expensive bedding and cushion covers is essential to maintain their quality and extend their life. By avoiding these seven care mistakes, you can keep your cotton cushion covers, double bed sheets, and other bed covers online as good as new for years to come.

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