Diwan Set- To Compliment the Beauty of your Space

Diwan Set- To Compliment the Beauty of your Space

Diwan sets are usually present in the living room, which is the first place our guests witness when they enter our house. The diwan sets should thus create a lavish and elegant impression on your guests, this creates the need to compliment your home decor with beautiful and stylish diwan sets. It is the most elegant way to decorate your living room or bedroom.

A diwan set usually consists of a bedsheet, cushion covers, and bolster covers that are designed to fit a diwan cot or a low-seating sofa. It elevates your house’s interiors and upgrades the aesthetics of your living space.

While buying a diwan set, there are few things that are to be kept in mind, like:-

  • Comfort– Besides our bed, diwan is the primary place where we sit after coming home from our long and tiring day, so make sure that the diwan set that you are choosing provides you that comfort to soothe your mind and relax your body. Comfort should be the first factor that you should consider while buying a diwan set.
  • Size– In order to give a perfect look to your space, size is a vital consideration. The size of the diwan set should match the size of your diwan cot or sofa. Also check the size of the cushion covers and bolster covers. A well-fitted diwan set looks neat and tidy and gives an elegant look to your space. A tight or loose one will look sloppy and uncomfortable.
  • Material– The material of the diwan set should be durable, comfortable and easy to handle. The most commonly used materials are cotton, polyester, silk, velvet, etc. Cotton is a natural and  breathable material that is comfortable in hot and humid climates. Polyester is a synthetic material that is wrinkle-resistant and easy to maintain. Silk is a luxurious and smooth fabric that gives sophistication to your space. Velvet is soft and cozy fabric that creates a warm and inviting environment. Choose the material wisely according to your climate and preferences.
  • Functionality– There are various features of diwan set which makes it more suitable like a diwan set made with wrinkle-resistant material makes it easy to handle, water-resistant fabric makes it easy to wash. These features give an extra touch of ease and comfort to the diwan sets.

Swayam India- Buy Best Diwan Sets Online

Swayam India is one of the leading manufactures of a wide range of home furnishing products – Bed Linen, Table Linen, Comforters, Cushion Covers, Curtains, Kitchen linen, Laundry Bags and host of home accessories. Known for offbeat, designer and colorful designs that can brighten up your home’s interiors. If you are looking for an elegant diwan set then Swayam India is the best option for you. Their products are made in India with 100% pure cotton. They offer an exclusive and wide range of designs and patterns.

Visit their website and choose your diwan set that suits your personality and compliments your comfy space Swayam India.

Different Varieties of Diwan Set

Diwan Set can be categorized on the basis of material, size and designs.

Swayam India offers a set of varieties in diwan set collection, the varieties are listed below:-

  • Linea Diwan– these are impeccably designed to elevate your house interiors. Packed with exotic designs and excellent colors, the linea diwan set is a perfect solution for your space. The vintage color complimented by striped patterns creates a grand brilliance.
  • Shades of Paradise Diwan Set– Sometimes vibrant, sometimes soothing; at times striking, and at times mild is what defines Swayam’s Shades of paradise collection. Designer cotton diwan sets have a lot to offer from comfort to modern luxury.
  • Gharana Diwan Collection– Gharana collection is a premium designer collection that has rich ingredients to give your space a plush look and feel. Transform your interiors with this classy collection.
  • Veda Diwan Collection– The term veda itself expresses its cultural origin and flavor. A large segment of this collection is imprinted with various designs of flowers and natural elements. The colors used in this collection are pleasing and soothes the mind. Royal in look yet durable in use.
  • Vedic Diwan Collection– A simple yet elegant collection with a range of color options available in different patterns and designs. It gives a perfect look to your space and makes the environment pleasing and soothing.
  • Zinnia By Swayam Diwan Collection– Enjoy a modern and royal lifestyle and uplift the ambience of your home with this collection of diwan sets. Filled with the goodness of pure natural fabric, it would create an astounding ambience with amazing designs and color contrasts.
  • Pastel Vogue Diwan Collection– Pastel colors give a royal look, this collection is quite simple with a limited range of designs but all the designs in this collection are quite exclusive and creates an inviting and warm environment.

Benefits of buying diwan sets online

There are many benefits of buying the diwan sets online like:-

  • Convenience– The first and foremost benefit of buying anything online is that it is convenient to just sit at home and order the best suited product online. Online platforms are a boon for busy people, as they don’t get much time to visit stores to buy stuff.
  • Variety– There are various websites online which offer diverse varieties of products. We get this benefit online, as it is difficult to visit different shops but it is quite easy to visit the website online and go through the different varieties available.
  • Price– You can get many offers and competitive prices online which makes the online market more favorable. Online prices are usually less as compared to offline store prices.
  • Quality– The products sold online are tested for quality and there are various companies which are certified for their product’s quality.


Why choose Swayam India for buying Diwan Sets?

Swayam India offers you a wide variety of diwan sets to choose from, also the quality offered by Swayam is unmatched. Made in India diwan sets with 100% pure cotton.

Latest Diwan Set designs that are trending in 2023?

The latest diwan set designs that are trending in 2023 are cotton diwan sets, velvet diwan sets and geometric diwan sets. Find the best designs of these latest trends on Swayam India.

Unique diwan set related products available at Swayam India?

Swayam India manufactures the diwan sets and the set includes a sheet, bolster covers and cushion covers.

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