Table Napkins- A Lavish & Royal Dining Experience

Table Napkins- A Lavish & Royal Dining Experience

Table napkins are pieces of cloth or paper that are used to wipe the mouth and hands during or after a meal. They also serve the purpose of protecting clothes against spills and stains or decorating the table setting.

Want to experience a classic 5-star dinner with your guests? Want to create a lavish impression on your guests? If yes, then you are in the right place. Before buying something, we often tend to get all the possible information about that product. I will make your search easier by discussing all the important aspects related to it, so you can choose the perfect set of table napkins.

Table napkins come in various sizes, shapes, colours, patterns, and materials, depending on the occasion and preference.

Some common types of table napkins are:

Paper Napkins

These are made with tissue paper or recycled paper and they are disposable. Being convenient, cheap and easy to use, they come with certain drawbacks as they are not very durable, absorbent and eco-friendly. These disposable paper napkins are suitable and quite useful for casual meals, picnics or takeaway food.

Cloth Napkins

These reusable cloth napkins are made with cotton, linen, silk or polyester. They do require extra care and maintenance, however, they are elegant, durable, absorbent and eco-friendly. A much better approach as compared to paper napkins. Cloth napkins are suitable for formal meals, weddings, restaurants, or special occasions. You can find cloth napkins of different colours and styles online at Swayam India.

Linen Napkins

These are made of linen, a type of natural fibre derived from flax plants. Being soft, smooth, breathable and luxurious, they are the ideal napkins for elegant events. However, they are quite expensive and require more ironing as compared to cloth napkins.

If we talk about table napkins made with pieces of cloth, they are also classified into different categories.  The napkin cloth differs according to the material, price and size.  Let’s dive more into the world of cloth napkins and try to find the best-suited table napkin set for you.  Well, I recently bought a set of table napkins from Swayam and I was quite amazed with the quality and its elegant look. They have an impressive dinner napkins set collection. Two of my personal favourite collections include:- Aqua Dinner Napkins Set and Bloom Dinner Napkins Set

Interested to know more about these two collections?

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  • Aqua Dinner Napkins Set By Swayam– This stunning look will completely change the aesthetics of your dining table and you will wish to invite your guests more often, just to use this amazing set of elegance and magnificent look. Made in India with 100% pure cotton. These dinner napkins are made up of thick casement cotton so they have a very high texture quality which is really appreciable.  You will love to use them, such is their amazing softness. They are totally friendly with sensitive skin and do not create itching or allergies over the skin. You and your family members will love to use them.
  • Bloom Dinner Napkins Set By Swayam– If you are an anthophile ( a flower-loving person ), then this set is a perfect buy for you. Feel the royal entourage as you sit on your dining table with these floral dinner napkins set. With a pistachio green background with large floral prints of pink colour, with a touch of purple coloured buds blooming in between, the look of this napkin set is impeccable and it will definitely create an amazing impression on your guests. You can visit Swayam’s website and check out their collection.


Table napkins are an essential component if you are planning to have a formal and elegant dinner with your guests. They are made with different materials like paper, cloth and linen. Cloth napkins are more durable, reusable eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. Swayam offers you the most amazing and exquisite collection of dinner napkin sets, you will love to host a dinner for your guests. Get your table napkin set now to reflect the royal grandeur. From my experience, I can tell that the most suited sets by Swayam India are Aqua Dinner Napkins Set and Bloom Dinner Napkins Set. Moreover, these table napkins are made in India with 100% pure cotton.

No doubt, there are more colours and designs that can suit your needs and the aesthetics of your house. Create a more welcoming atmosphere for your guests and host the most elegant and luxurious dinner for them.

‘Compliment your dining room with a touch of Grandeur and Luxury


Which napkin is best for kitchens? 

Kitchen napkins are used for the purpose of cleaning, wiping, drying or spreading. Therefore, kitchen napkins should cater to all these purposes and should be easy to clean.

Which napkin is used for the dining table?

Dinner napkins made with cloth or linen are used for dining tables. These are the table napkins that are used to wipe the mouth and hands during or after a meal and also protect your clothes from spills and stains.

What is the difference between the table napkins and kitchen napkins?

Table napkins are used for the dining table and serve the purpose of wiping hands and mouth during or after a meal and it also protects the clothes from spills and stains. Whereas, kitchen napkins are used in the kitchen and they serve the purpose of cleaning, drying, wiping and spreading.

Which type of napkin is best?

Napkins made with cloth such as cotton, silk or polyester are best as they are elegant, absorbent, durable and eco-friendly as compared to paper napkins. Cloth napkins are better than linen napkins in terms of money and ease of use.

What is the standard size of table napkins?

If we talk about formal dinner napkins, their standard size is 22 inches to 24 inches square. If we talk about ordinary dinner napkins that are used for casual purposes, their standard size is 16 inches to 18 inches square.

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