Welcome To the World of Comfort with The Winter Quilt!

Welcome To the World of Comfort with The Winter Quilt!

Are you attempting to find something to keep you warm during the chilly winter? Look no further than Swayam India’s amazing, super-quality poly-filled quilt with cotton layers. This quilt is the perfect combination of cotton and polyester, making it worth its price tag. The polyester filling is 350 gsm, providing a protective layer against the cold winter months. These quilts are available in single and double bed sizes, so you can buy the one that best fits your needs. Plus, for all the corporates and bulk gifting, you can get customized quilts for those with special requirements.

Introducing the winter quilt 350 gsm

This quilt is perfect whether you are looking for a pleasant night of sleep or extra warmth during the chilly winter. The quilt is made from 350 grams per square meter of soft cotton fabric to provide superior insulation and comfort. It is available in single and double bed sizes, so no matter what size your bed is, you can stay warm and cozy all night long. (Read also: Say Hello to a Grand Celebration with Swayam’s JASHN Wedding Collection!)

The perfect combination of cotton and polyester

Whether you are looking for an amiable single-bed quilt or a larger double-bed quilt, the Swayam winter quilt is the perfect combination of cotton and polyester to keep you warm this winter. Crafted with superior-quality material and ideal stitching, this quilt will add a touch of warmth and ease to your bedroom. It is filled with high-grade cotton and polyester, making it incredibly soft but also lightweight and breathable, ensuring you stay comfortable at any temperature. The quilt also features a contemporary design that gives your bedroom an elegant and contemporary look.

Winter quilts in different colors and prints 

Winter quilt is a luxurious quilt available in various prints, colors, and textures, produced using premium microfiber. This quilt is ideal for warmth and comfort on cold winter nights. From bold abstract designs to soft pastel florals, our selection of stylish quilts will add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom. With this range of lovely colors and gorgeous prints, you can find the ideal quilt to fit your style!

Welcome To the World of Comfort with The Winter Quilt

Winter Quilt in different sizes available 

Winter Quilts are available in different sizes. Single and double quilts in 300 gsm and Single Heavy, Double Heavy Winter Quilts in 500 gsm are available. These winter quilts are perfect for cold winter nights. They are designed with high-quality 350 GSM and 500 GSM microfiber fabric and filled with siliconized hollow conjugate fibers to provide warmth and comfort. The quilts have special stitching techniques, making them resistant to dust mites and other allergens, with the knowledge that you’re receiving a comfortable and healthy product. Additionally, they are simple to maintain and clean, allowing you to use them for years to come! (Read also: How To Select the Best, The Most Stunning Bed Runner for Your Bed)

The many benefits of the winter quilt 350 gsm

The winter quilt is a luxurious bedding option to keep you comfortable and warm during winter. It’s made from a high-quality 350 gsm fabric, making it both breathable and durable. This quilt is available in two sizes, ensuring you can enjoy a warm and comfy night’s sleep, no matter your sleeping needs. With its lightweight design, this quilt is also perfect for traveling. It can be easily folded up to make packing and unpacking easier.

How to care for your winter quilt

Proper care of your winter quilt is key to keeping it in pristine condition. Here are some helpful tips on keeping your quilt looking new. WINTER QUILT needs proper care and attention to maintain its appearance and the quality you deserve. These instructions should be followed when cleaning your quilt:

1) Cold water wash;

2) Delicate cycle;

3) Air dry (don’t use a dryer).

If the quilt has been used, follow these steps: 

1) Hot water wash;

2) Normal cycle with bleach;

3) Air dry (don’t use a dryer).

Why buy from Swayam India?

If you’re looking for the best quality and comfort, look no further than Swayam India. With over 200 unique designs in our collection, you can find something to go with any decor. Plus, the exclusive store offers a variety of sizes, including single-bed and double-bed quilts, as well as different GSM weights ranging from 300-400 GSM. These products are made with only the finest materials, such as 100% cotton fabrics, 100% hypoallergenic polyfill, and 350 GSM fill weight. This ensures a warm and expedient sleeping experience with superior insulation and breathability. Shop now at Swayam India to get your perfect winter quilt today!

The Final Elegance

If you’re trying to find the ideal mix of cotton and polyester? Look no further than Swayam India’s unique, super-quality poly-filled quilt with cotton layers! The polyester is filled with 350 GSM (gram per square meter) to protect you against winter. This quilt is available for single and double beds and can be customized to your requirements. With properties like stretch resistance, anti-shrinkage, resilience, abrasion resistance, wrinkle resistance, and chemical resistance, this quilt is ultra-durable and provides more than it’s worth. So what are you waiting for? Go Shop Swayam India, and grab yours!

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